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    Hey unbeatable mind communitarians… A real quick question as it’s day 203 for me here and I’ve started to notice that the morning ritual is now carrying over into the day for a breath awareness standpoint? I’ve longed hungered for this aspect to occur so my question is is anybody else experiencing that or living in the reality and they consistent for my breath awareness throughout the day yet? And if so when did they notice the Breakthrough come?

    The reason why I asked is because it seemed to really take a lot of work to get the breath going and now that I’ve got such a ritual built around it I find I can only not do it it become a critical part of my life in fact I don’t need television or stimulus I need the breath as my primary form of connection and primary form of information and primary form of activity to begin the basis of the rest of my day… So my question specifically is does anybody else carry their breath awareness with them into their next task whatever it maybe? And if so when did the occurrence happen for you? In terms of how long were you actually doing a morning Ritual from the initiation stage when you first began it to win this had became a habit if you have gotten to that point? Thanks


    Not yet for me but I do pay attention to it (breath) when I am in a stressful situation.


    I hv used the go classes as part of my morning ritual, both breathing is a nimportantpart of the program. It is only within recent weeks that i am understanding how the breathe works with the poses. Having said that, I do remember, with greater frequency, the role of breathing during a stressful situation on the job. I do not use the box breathing as often as I could due to forgetfulness, but the tactical breathing has bee more important during my day.

    Hoe this helps….John S

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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