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    Hey does anybody have any experience combining the Box breathing pattern with different types of exhales? Specifically like letting the exhale go? I asked this is I had a private message exchange with Dan Brule on Facebook which I’m sure all of you are welcome to do… In which he mentioned at the Box breathing technique is fantastic… However considering his work with Mark divine directly… And a podcast Dan relay had mentioned letting the exhale go is also a powerful technique not just for stress relief but for a different level of induction of the Consciousness aspect of breathing… I’m just curious if anybody has been doing any other breathworks aside from Simply the Box breathing?

    I noticed it when I workout I do a lot of exhales with a sound especially when lifting and pressing or pull-ups or air squats or other activity hitting martial art type of work… However I’m currently got a left elbow issue that cropped up from doing a lot of punching bag work so I’ll be probably laying off that… Even doing Shadow Boxing now it’s got my left elbow a little bit sore so it’s going to be ice and heat massage for a and Chiropractic Care…

    Nonetheless I’ve healed pretty much all the injuries I used to have and the new ones I get are as a result of the training… Pretty glad to see this form here and glad to see what happens… And also there’s a free book online by Sri krishnamacharya…its called yoga makaranda. [email protected][email protected]


    hi Max
    havn’t seen your posts for a while on fbook but found this on the new um platform which I have recently logged onto. I have to admit I cannot get on with box breathing . I get into a conflict with the count and cannot relax and my breathing gets out of control. I do a lot of abdominal breathing almost automatically now and also warrior breath which works fine .

    With reference to your post on exhaling I learnt a technique which involves abdominal breathing and a long exhale .
    Deep Abdominal Inbreath relax abdomen
    Exhale long and slow as you can
    normal breathing 2 or 3 breaths
    normal breathing

    Combining the abdominal breath with the slow exhale works really well for me calming heartrate and activating parasympathetic nervous system . Excellent for maintaining flow state and staying calm in stormy waters !


    I use the box breathing app which helps you keep the proper cadence but am intrigued by the method you mention Mike Yates because I do not feel really relaxed when I do box breathing,I feel a bit strained especially during the hold after the exhale.


    Me too ! Box breathing worked for short periods only I couldn’t do it for a prolonged period without straining.
    It is referred to as tactical breathing and is effective to get the heart rate down in extreme conditions ie combat or high intensity work out.
    Mark Devine does a good video ‘Accessing the Witness’ as part of the Kokoro Yoga training. The breathing is: inhale for 5 count and exhale for 10 count. It is smooth and continuous. The next stage in the video is observation and labeling of your thoughts combined with the breathing, it is a really good way to witness your thoughts.


    Thanks Mike,I am going to watch the ‘Accessing the Witness’ video right now

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