Are you on an Island trying to do Unbeatable Mind? Join Me! We’ll rock this boat together. Perhaps you don’t belong to other groups or know anyone – same here – let’s encourage each other to reach our full potentials!!

Hello Boat Crew Who are You and where are you from? What are Your Goals?

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    Let’s Introduce Ourselves and Encourage Each Other!

    I’m Dianne, a nurse from Oklahoma. I travel a lot (mainly to California) so having workouts online is a great resource for me. I workout at a local gym that is owned by a former Navy SEAL I love going to his classes called the Grinder. They are extremely tough workouts.
    My Goals – To feel fit enough to not get short of breath while hiking! To have Flat 6pack Abs


    Hello, I’m Eric, I work in Law Enforcement. I live in Colorado. I’m working on sealfit Bootcamp, yoga and strength training. My primary goal is to find more balance in my life, focus on what is important and fitness.


    HI Eric – Welcome! I can echo with your goals as they are similar to mine!


    Hey Im an investment banker and have a tough job with long hours…Mark’s books have helped me along the way. Goal is to be more focused at work which will enable me to have more free time and connect to the community more…


    Christopher – I love your goal and resonate with that! I am self employed so needing to have more balance in my life!! So I’m going to join you with ‘being more focused’!! Thanks Dianne


    Hi, Derek here – From Melbourne, Australia – been around the Sun a few times and want to go around many many more times with vitality and energy. In simple terms, I have been looking for an integrated practice for a long time and this is by far the best one I have come across…I am just seeking to become the best version of myself possible – better human, help others and enjoy the journey,…die smiling aged 150! So my goal is simple… each day be a bit better than yesterday! Glad to be here!


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    Hello, I am Bill, I am retired after 31 years as an investment advisor. Started unbeatable mind back in 2012 and have been in it ever since. Thank you for having me aboard.


    Bill – that is awesome! You are a veteran of unbeatable mind for sure!! =)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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