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    @catherineunbeatablemind-com Hi Catherine thank you for the Kokoro yoga 30 challenge I felt the positive effects of the practice and try to make it a habit to practice yoga everyday...!!!

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    @catherineunbeatablemind-com Hello there. I am not used to yoga at all, so I have started by the short videos and have enjoyed practising the Jedi Warrior one. It really makes one feel better.

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    @adrianoneryahoo-com I invited you again - Hope it works!

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    @delicateautosgmail-com I meant to ask if you know anyone else in NE that we should invite to join us?

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    @catherineunbeatablemind-com The video for Day 30 of the 30 Day Kokoro Challenge was not found on my computer. I completed the previous days.

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    posted a photo

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    I am really looking forward to the Kokoro 30 Day Yoga Challenge. It's gonna be great!

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    @performancetrainerhotmail-com Where you at Doughnut?

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    @catherineunbeatablemind-com Catherine. - Thanks so much for all your efforts...your ROM drills were a perfect day to get a snowy PA day off to a Solid start.

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    @aknightslifehealthgmail-com You Got This JP!

Catherine Divine

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