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  • Hello Boat Crew!! What is ONE thing you will do this week to have an Unbeatable Mind?! =) Dianne

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    • Hello! This week was my first week of following the online Unbeatable Mind course. I followed the workout program. I slept more. I ate healthier food and drank a lot. I reconnected with friends. On the “less good” side: I didn’t write in my journal every day and wasted time on social media; more generally I engaged in web surfing without having an…[Read more]

      • Isn’t it great to know your strengths and weaknesses? I too have trouble writing in my journal. I’ve been traveling for work a lot and have let me routines slip. I’m going to start back at Lesson 1 and refocus on my why.

  • Hello! How is everyone doing? I have been incognito for a couple weeks after having a little accident while running. It was quite traumatic and I ended up with 23 stitches in my face – so I haven’t been able to do any strenuous workouts but have done a little hiking, etc. My face is healing amazingly well and quickly! Thank God!! I was very…[Read more]

    • Hi Dianne! I’m new here. I’m sorry to read about your accident and your injury. I hope that it will heal quickly and that the scar will be invisible. Take care!

      • Thanks Aurelie – it is healing nicely! I’ve done some hiking but have been a bit afraid to do anything like running yet – don’t want to jar it. Welcome to our boat crew!! Where are you from?

        • Hello and thanks for the welcoming message! How are you?
          I live in Reims, which is a French city in the Champagne area.

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  • Dianne posted an update in the Boat Crew Boat Crew logo of Best from All Over Boat Crew!Best from All Over Boat Crew! 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello Boat Crew From All Over!! Who wants to make this the BEST weekend for workouts ever?! Let’s challenge each other to perform at our Best!! I personally need motivation!!! What do you need? – Dianne

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    • Hi Dianne – great that you recognise your limiter (not feeling motivated) – best thing to do is start working out – doesn’t have to be perfect – something is better than nothing – start small – I am doing the 7-minute workout amongst other things and am building on that. It might be only 7 minutes (+~2Km run before and ~2km run after) yet before…[Read more]

      • Thanks Derek – I like reading posts like yours – it helps to see what others are doing. The weather is getting warmer so that is also a good motivator for me =)
        Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Dianne, I am not having any trouble with doing the workouts at the moment, but I know that I usually am very enthusiastic at first then it slowly goes back. So hearing what others are doing keeps me motivated to keep it up too. So this is what I need to keep me motivated. I have been looking in the boat crews but there is not a lot of…[Read more]

    • I’m up for a challenge Dianne. I think it’s good to get out of comfort zone – push myself further than I would if kept to my own devices. Have you anything in mind?

    • I am up for a challenge too! Let me know what you guys are thinking, though my weekend has already started, it is Saturday arvo here. I have visitors coming but that should not be a problem.

      • Ok guys – I think the weekend is half over and I didn’t do a challenge – but no worries – I can start fresh tomorrow. We can always give ourselves a 1000 second chances. Have any of you ever done a “Murph” – where you run a mile – then do 100 each of pushups, jumping jacks or mountain crawlers, and burpees, then run another mile. Who would be up…[Read more]

        • Hi Dianne, Murph wow, when you say challenge you mean it! I can give it a go but not until the weekend though. I will let you know how I go and post my time (will take a while as running is not my strong suit, I am working on getting my fitness back and have not done CrossFit much since my brother shut his gym, mostly doing the Kokoro workouts at…[Read more]

        • Hi Dianne – The “Murph” sounds awesome and quite a challenge – will join you once I reach a base level of fitness at which my body can sustain the work and recover well. All the best with it.

        • Sorry, I don’t usually check emails or notifications over the weekend. I’m not much of a runner but have been rucking and will start swimming this week. I’m doing a 21 day dumbbell challenge starting today and will add burpees to my routine. I hope to be able to do 100 by summer!

  • @nathan_buseyahoo-com Hello Nathan – Welcome! Where are you from and what are your goals? HOw can we encourage you? DIanne =)

  • @gaye_aytonsuddenlink-net Hello Gaye – Welcome! Where are you from and what are your goals? How can we encourage you? DIanne =)

  • @christopherbmcdowellgmail-com Hello Christopher – Where are you from and what are your goals? How can we encourage you? Dianne =)

  • @dakotapheasantyahoo-com Welcome MIchael! Where are you from and what are your goals? How can we encourage you? Dianne =)

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    Hello Boat Crew members – I apologize if I haven’t answered your message! This site will show me a message then it goes away before I can read and respond – so I’m sure why – but please know I never intend to ignore anyone’s messages!!! How are you all doing with your goals? Our weather turned warmer today so that got me OUTSIDE to get some…[Read more]

  • Dianne posted an update 3 months ago

    Hello Boat Crew Members – So it looks like I’ll still be around for at least another month =) So – let’s continue to encourage each other. I did two HIIT classes last week led by a former Navy SEAL and yights – they were tough… planning to do at least 2 more this week in addition to other workouts. I am training for hiking season. What are you…[Read more]

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  • @caroline-a-hartgmail-com I’m supposed to go to Vancouver this June!!

  • @caroline-a-hartgmail-com Welcome to our boat crew! How are your workouts coming along?

    • SLOWLY! I have been travelling a lot. Not again for at least 6 months. REALLY wanting to set up a solid routine. So glad to be in this boat crew. Thanks for setting up this boat crew!

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