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    @gatorshepardgmail-com Hey Brad, checking in... How are you?

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    posted a photo

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    @catherineunbeatablemind-com Catherine. - Thanks so much for all your efforts...your ROM drills were a perfect day to get a snowy PA day off to a Solid start.

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    @gatorshepardgmail-com I continued the intermettent keto fasting. Weight loss: 3 kg. During this time I missed the promised support from the boat crew!!!

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    I had an interesting experience yesterday skiing down Black Diamond slopes, which is not something I do very often. When picking up speed and navigating my next turn, I noticed my breathing was deep and controlled. Fear of falling was kept at bay with a simple mantra of "I've got this, focus on your breath". It was exciting to see the training rise to the top when pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Thank you UMA! ~ Leif

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    @caroline-a-hartgmail-com I see we ara at a similar stage how are you finding the training??


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