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    @adrianoneryahoo-com I invited you again - Hope it works!

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    @p-zolibluewin-ch Hi Peter. Welcome to the boat crew. I hope things are going well for you here on your new journey. If you have any questions or concerns, just throw them out there and one (or several) of your boat crew mates will offer guidance, advise, or a suggestion that may have worked.

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    @alice_katzhotmail-com Hi Alice, how is the UM training going? Thank you for the friend request.

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    Just joined the community! Hello from France. I'm reading Kokoro Yoga and Unbeatable Mind. I'm a junior developer and I wish to become fitter and build self-confidence.

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    @derek-k-unbeatablegmail-com Hey there Derek, how's it going? You working on anything in particular be it physical or mental? I need to do better at both but don't we all.

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    @designsbydiiaol-com From Dallas, Texas. One goal is to be a little better every day. Thanks for reaching out!

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    Hi Guys, for some reason I lost a couple of friend request and a few messages that were not read! Please message me back, sorry!

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    Thanks Jerrry!

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    @hkaveeshvargmail-com Hi Hirsh, what are your plans, ideas for boat crew?

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    @jimbro830gmail-com HI Jim!!

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    @nathan_buseyahoo-com Hello Nathan - Welcome! Where are you from and what are your goals? HOw can we encourage you? DIanne =)

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    @catherineunbeatablemind-com Catherine. - Thanks so much for all your efforts...your ROM drills were a perfect day to get a snowy PA day off to a Solid start.


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