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    @catherineunbeatablemind-com Hi Catherine thank you for the Kokoro yoga 30 challenge I felt the positive effects of the practice and try to make it a habit to practice yoga everyday...!!!

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    @maxhetergmail-com Great job staying on your path Max. Would love to hear about your breakthroughs using Unbeatable Mind!

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    @ywhitelawgmail-com Hi Yvonne, thank you for accepting me into The “Getting Geeky UM boat crew.

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    @alice_katzhotmail-com Hi Alice, how is the UM training going? Thank you for the friend request.

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    @aknightslifehealthgmail-com You Got This JP!

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    @jimbro830gmail-com HI Jim!!

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    @unbeatablelms Hey Rich..I received a message several weeks stating that I have a new username and to sign in and create a new password.When I went to sign it it had expired.Could you send me a new message with the info again?.Also who do I submit my bio/pic info to and will it appear on this website?...also do you edit the bio I give you or just accept as is provided it has no errors/typos ect.?

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    @gatorshepardgmail-com Hi Brad! How are you? I hope all is well!

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    @delicateautosgmail-com I meant to ask if you know anyone else in NE that we should invite to join us?

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    @ericchoicespokane-com Hi Eric please join Boat Crew 11`

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    @geoffsealfit-com I request that you bring back the beard. \=

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    @jimbro830gmail-com Hi Jim, connecting with you!

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    Hello, is there anyone out there?

Rich Vernetti

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