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Unbeatable Mind Foundations

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  1. Lesson 1 - Win in Your Mind
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  2. Lesson 2 - Feed the Courage Wolf
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  3. Lesson 3 - Five Mountains and Self Mastery in Service
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  4. Lesson 4 - Five Plateaus
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  5. Lesson 5 – Physical Mountain
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  6. Lesson 6 – Mental Mountain
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  7. Lesson 7 – Emotional Mountain
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  8. Lesson 8 – Intuitive Mountain
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  9. Lesson 9 – Kokoro Mountain
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  10. Lesson 10 – Leading the Self
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  11. Lesson 11 - Unbeatable Teams
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  12. Lesson 12 – The Way of Mastery
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Lesson 12, Topic 5
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Expand Potential, Performance, Connection & Service

Apr 2018
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What you have started to do in this Foundations Course is to set the conditions to greatly expand your personal capacities in four key areas.  These are your inner field of potential, the outer field of performance, the collective inner experience of connecting as a team and tribe, and the outer systemic field of your mission and service.

These four capacities: Potential, Performance, Connection, and Service represent the four domains of the Unbeatable Mind Operating System (UMOS).  Installing the UMOS to upgrade your own mental operating system is the next stage of your work.  I will introduce it here, and the work continues in the Unbeatable Mind Experience events, Coaching and Black Belt programs (more on those options in the last topic, as well as on our web site  Each of the four capacities has three levels of development: The Core, the Commitments, and The Competencies all comprise the totality of your four Capacities, as seen in the following graphic.  Let me summarize each of the four quadrants.


Everything you desire or want in life is created first in your mind.  Win first in your mind, and you win on the battlefield.  This first capacity is that vast field of potential that lies within, when and if you decide to go there.  If you can 20X your potential, then your performance will naturally 20X, and so will your service.  Connection will improve, but you must also commit to deep emotional development and clearing work for that quadrant to 20X, which will then lead to another 20X in your potential.  These are not mutually independent… they co-arise just as the three spheres of Self, Team, and System.

At the core of potential is your witness.  We began to connect to our witness, and seat the mind in that perspective, way back in lesson one and two.  So, if you have done this program on a twelve-month process as designed, then you have been training witness now for 11-12 months.  That training has led you to uncover a large number of stories that make up your reactionary world.  You commit to interdicting and eradicating the negative, fear-based or weak stories and replace them with more powerful, responsive stories.  In this regard, your training has allowed you to take control over your mind and begin to expand it to a “whole-body-mind” Unbeatable Mind.  Your witness never lies, and will lead you to the right story for your life… aligned with your calling (3Ps).  When you gain clarity on this, then your imagery of future self-fulfilling your unique purpose and standing your ground becomes a “core competency” and you practice it daily.  Your vision becomes crystal clear as you connect with it daily in your morning routine.  Potential grows day in and day out until it is exponentially bigger than you could have imagined.



We all want to perform at our peak levels.  It is a simple idea, but not easy to do.  Performance is both a skill and an outcome of your body-mind balance and motivation for the task.  The motivation is handled by your vision, now you need to stand your ground and take the necessary actions to enable peak performance to happen.  At the core of the capacity to perform is balance.  The Six Pillars introduced in lesson two are all about developing balance in your body and life.  You must balance your nutrition, sleep, recovery, stress, breath, movement, time in nature, home and workspaces and relationships.  All of these will negatively impact your performance when out of balance and will deplete your energy.  Keeping them in balance is a constant process of awareness and refinement.  If you are in balance and your energy high, then you are able to commit to your stand.  That means that you are clear about what is important to you, and you stand your ground regardless of how hard things get.  Then you develop competency around the disciplines of the six pillars until they are solid habits of excellence.  You maintain peak performance for individual events by leveraging the Big 4 Skills of Breath Control, Positive Attitude / internal dialogue, Winning imagery and Micro Task Orientation aligned with your why and mission.  Easy day!


The third quadrant of the UMOS is about expanding your capacity for connection.  Basically, this means becoming more “deep” as an individual in your ability to relate to others, take their perspectives, and be inclusive.  A connection is a felt experience.  Potential is a mental experience.  Performance is an action experience and Service is a building experience.  So, to expand your connection capacity you must become more relatable, more “down to earth,” more caring and loving.  This is the work of the heart.  The core of this quadrant is being.  Learning how to be as opposed to just doing all the time.  Our work with simplifying things, slowing down to sit in silence, be in nature, and be in authentic communications with others all help develop this core.  We commit to alignment with others as opposed to always fighting for our beliefs to win the day.  Alignment doesn’t mean surrender, nor does vulnerability.  We have our perspective, they have theirs.  We don’t have to agree with them, nor do we have to abdicate.  Alignment means that we commit to seeking first to understand, and then to be understood.  Seek first to forgive, and then to be forgiven.  Seek first to love, and then to be loved.  Practicing this commitment leads to the competency of perspective.  Recall the five plateaus… we will gain perspective on how we express each plateau, and how others express it.  We can see where we and others have stuckness, and work to unstick our own while having compassion for others.  We strive to operate from a fifth plateau, integrated perspective.  I believe the work of this domain, which encompasses the Emotional and Intuitive mountains (though the mountains show up in each of these four domains), is some of the most difficult and painful that we can take on… but it is crucial for our development.  As I mentioned earlier, the work in this domain of connection will 20X how you wake up, grow up and show up in the other three.


The fourth and final domain is that of our Service to others and the world.  This is outer organizational work.  Not all of us lead an organization, but you can’t avoid them and will need teams and organizations to get your mission accomplished.  Understanding how to build elite teams and organizations that will project your vision into the world is key.  At the core of Service is where you focus your mind.  Expanding your potential will allow you to uncover your 3Ps and vision for your life.  Now it is time to focus radically on that.  Consider that Potential will induce your “intention,” while Service will require your attention.”  Learning to radically focus will allow you to focus on the right goals and targets that stem from your mission plan.  You will commit now to clarifying and refining those attributes that are uniquely yours… your unique offer to the world.  Your unique offer is a set of skills and personality traits that will allow you to thrive in a specific mission and service.  Let’s say my potential moved me toward a warrior profession, but I did not have the unique skills or personality traits to be a SEAL leader.  I would have been wise to clarify this before going to SEAL training.  Perhaps I would have thrived as an eco-warrior fighting for the environment instead.  At any rate, it is a commitment to be continuously refining and expanding your unique offer, then develop the competency of developing missions to project your vision and unique offer into the world through your teams and organizations.

The UMOS is a powerful model to understand your entire life.  I first developed this Unbeatable Mind philosophy in 2010 and the UM course was launched in November 2011.  But it wasn’t until mid-2018 that the UMOS model came to me in an insight meditation.  The model clearly leverages the Wilber four quadrant system… but is unique to Unbeatable Mind and is a complete developmental path.  As such, we have created a three year “Black Belt” program where one will work all four quadrants and all four “C’s” of Core, Commitments, Competencies, and Capacities in a practice community.  More information on that program is in the final topic.  Hope you can attain your UM Black Belt with my team and I!