G.R.O.W.T.H. Model



The GROW – OODA feedback loop is a great way to quickly plan on the fly. It is a tool that can become a SOP for the team to use while in the midst of a mission. We know that no plan survives contact with reality, so what do we do when our well thought out and briefed plan falls apart? That is where GROW-OODA comes in. We have already discussed the Boyd OODA loop, but what is GROW?

GROWTH stands for:

Goal: what is our current goal, stated precisely?

Reality: what is the current reality? How does it differ from our goal?

Options: what options can we conceive of to move through our current reality toward our goal?

Way Forward: This is our action our win. The way forward can include an OODA loop whereby you observe the results of your action, then re-orient yourself, then decide on a revised way forward, then carry out the new action plan.

Tasks: What needs to be done in order to reach the goal. What are tools are needed?

Help: Look to your heroes for help on how to get a big vision done. Connect with community and ask for help.


GROWTH-OODA is a simple and powerful team planning and decision tool.

Train hard, stay safe and have fun! — Mark Divine


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