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Unbeatable Mind Foundations

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Elite Team Exercises

Apr 2018
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Here are some exercises you can do with your team to begin to develop into an elite team.

1. Developing a Team Ethos

You’ve done a lot of work on your personal ethos, which will have a powerful impact on how you see your role as a leader.  Everyone on an elite team will have some form of personal ethos, even if they haven’t articulated it yet as you have.  But as we’ve learned, the collective is greater than the sum of its parts, and a team with clarity around its purpose (vision), targets (mission), and principles (values or stand) will outperform all others. This is a team reflection and alignment exercise that requires some preparation and then a couple of hours to do well.

Step 1

Ask your teammates to read this lesson, then think about the team’s purpose, targets, and values.  Where do they stand from their unique perspective? Set a meeting to synchronize and align these perspectives into a single statement of your team ethos, your overarching “why” that will guide alignment of intent with action.

Step 2

Start the meeting with Box Breathing, then visualize together your team accomplishing its mission powerfully, with every teammate fully engaged, employing your unbeatable minds in decisions and acting with three sphere alignment.

Step 3

Have each member present his or her thoughts on the three elements of ethos from step 1.  That includes you!  No action is necessary at this stage—just authentic listening.

Step 4

Facilitate in pulling together the common themes from each teammates’ presentations and, with input, draft a single statement.

Step 5

Review and discussion among your team and iterated it.  Remember this is a living team ethos, not meant to be dictated by you or fixed forever. It is meant to evolve.

2. What’s Your Mission?

Is your mission framed in simple terms with the right targets selected in the right order for the right reasons?  Redo the above exercise, but this time have your teammates use the FITS, PROP or GROWTH tools to refine your team’s or organization’s mission focus.

3. What’s Your Attraction Process?

Do you recruit or attract employees?  Do you hire for talent or character?  Employees—your team—are the most important component of your business.  Get the right teammates aligned with the vision and mission and the customers, shareholders, community, and the world will all be taken care of.

Take a moment to reflect on your hiring process.  Do you use attractive statements, stories, and images that project your ethos or “why” rather than some industrial age “what we do?”  How do you select for character and ensure a path into or out of the culture depending upon fit?

4. Align your Team of Teams

Look into your processes, space, and rules.  Ask:

  • What is holding up a team of teams from spontaneously arising to dominate a challenge or mission?
  • How is trust generated and developed, and how are teammates held accountable?
  • How is ownership of the mission thwarted or rewarded?
  • Where, when, and how does the team train together to develop vertically and deepen respect and trust?
  • Are they rewarded for training personally and serving outside the organization?
  • Are you following the principles of B corporations or “conscious capitalism?”
  • What rules exist about communication that may hold back authenticity and trust?

Great work with this lesson.  In the final lesson, we will review and take a look at the Unbeatable Mind Operating System for whole mind development.  See you there… Hooyah! — Mark Divine