Intro to the KOKORO Mountain


I never said it would be easy…I only said it would be worth it…

-May West-


“Grandfather of all Scouts, teach me to be the eyes of my people, and teach me to move like the shadows. Allow me to become the wind, the rock and the soils, and the life force in all its forms. Allow me to suffer for my people and take away their pain. Honor me by allowing me to die for my people, for I love my people beyond myself, and

I will sacrifice my all for my people, my Earth and for you. Test me beyond all hardship and pain; create me as you would forge a tool. And if you find that I am worthy, bless me as your servant, you’re Scout.” –Shadow Walker (81) Panther Ridge, 1807

The Apache Scouts were the elite warriors of the Apache nation. Their spiritual tradition was rich with physical, mental, emotional, intuition and Kokoro training. The Scout was a warrior-shaman who spent many years cultivating his spirit. The tools of the Scout were meditation, severe physical and mental training, intuition development through visualization and “spirit walks,” vision quests, sacred ceremonies such as the sweat lodge and pipe ceremonies, and a deep connection with nature and all living things. They believed in God as the Spirit that runs through all things. They were trained from a young age to live with what they called “sacred silence.”

Sacred Silence was the Apache Scout’s aim. To walk in Sacred Silence meant that the Scout had developed himself to live in total presence with a relaxed, but focused mind. Scouts were able to hold this state – akin to being in a permanent meditative state – while performing both every-day tasks as well as extraordinary feats. Sacred Silence can be described as the merging of our heart and mind so that we have present moment focus, we walk in unquestioned integrity, we act with fearless decisiveness and we are grounded in truth, seeking wisdom and expressing love.

Course Discussion