Setting Anchor

We discussed anchoring in an earlier lesson, but it is worth discussing again here. When we integrate the big four of mental toughness – visualization, breath control, positivity of mind and emotions, and micro-goal setting – we have the best chance to tap into our Performance Zone. The Performance Zone is that state of mental relaxation, emotional empowerment, and optimal physiological stimulation that allows for peak performance to ow out of us with effortless perfection. This effortless perfection is called “Shibumi” in the Samurai tradition. Anchoring is creating a benchmark of this state when we connect with it action or in training. Anchoring requires awareness of the ow state…we know it when we feel it, and then suddenly it is gone just as quickly as it came.

Anchoring during a performance is ideal, but often it will need to happen when the event is over. When you recognize the flow state arise, take a moment immediately afterward to check into your “why” and the drivers of desire, beliefs and expectation that led to the peak performance. What was unique about this event? Why did it happen now? Were you feeling particularly good today physically or mentally? What was the reason for that? What beliefs were different about you today, and did you expect to perform well today? Was the event “your event” and the competition “not scary?” The questions you ask define your actions. Journal a detailed description of what you thought felt and experienced when in your zone. Note your Physiology and establish several Power Affirmations or mantras to help anchor the state. Physiology is the “body feeling” of the state – meaning you’re relaxed but coiled energy, flowing out of you as if from an infinite source. You were not fatigued, or over-aroused. Your physiology was perfect. Affirmations are powerful statements that you will associate with the peak flow state, and when stated with passion will allow you access that state again. Power affirmations are positive talk with emotions and imagery attached. The words must have passionate energy behind them invoking a narrow range of performance associated physiological and psychological responses.

Using your visualization skills, invoke powerful images of yourself flowing through the movement, effortlessly accomplishing the task, embracing the suck and dominating the race. Add sound to the motion picture. It may be the crowd cheering for you, or your war cry said silently or whatever res you up. Supercharge your Performance Zone with emotions. These are emotions of faith, belief, certainty, motivation and power. Create a ritual of this process to do just before you embark on your mission. It will help you to win in the mind before you step out into the dark. This process is part of the “Pre-Event Ritual” outlined below.

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