Shubami – The Art of Effortless Perfection


Though it may seem to be an elusive goal, mastery of unbeatable mind will lead to a permanent state of presence. In this state we flow with seemingly effortless

perfection. The Native Apaches “Sacred Silence” and the Samurais “Shibumi” are concepts that describe acting out of this presence. Though the concept is simple, I don’t believe this state arrives easily. It requires many years of disciplined practice and patience. However, the journey of daily discipline will lead to shibumi and it is a worthy journey to take!

Self-Mastery leads to integration of body, mind and spirit, or the Five Mountains if you will. With integration we truly merge our witness with our mental concept of self, and act with a rare presence whether we are sitting in silence or in the arena performing a SEALFIT WOD or, like Glen and Ty, find yourself in a fight for your lives.

The joy lies in the journey, not the destination. The destination requires Alignment and Front Sight Focus so you avoid wasting precious time going in the wrong direction, focused on the wrong things. The signposts on the path that indicate you are reaching destination Shibumi include:

  • Experiencing increasing moments of total peace
  • Sensing an expanding field of awareness
  • Being able to perceive better – cutting through the nonsense and lies of our world
  • Feeling more love for our fellow humans, and for all sentient beings
  • Feeling a sense of urgency to become a steward or our Earth, from which all things come and all things go
  • Finding that you can accomplish any worthy task with ease
  • Tapping into your intuition and gut feelings and using this skill to make wise decisions
  • Finding beauty and grace everywhere – even in mundane or dismal situations
  • Experiencing true selflessness and enjoying serving your teammates and others

Interestingly, these concepts ring true from the viewpoint of most perennial spiritual traditions in some form or another, shoring our Unbeatable Mind philosophy as compared to the world’s best-intentioned sources. The big distinction is that we believe that we can all achieve this level of human performance and mastery. It is not reserved for the pious, the wealthy or those of exalted birth. The warriors throughout history have proven that the Unbeatable Mind principles and Shibumi are our birthright.

Developing an unbeatable mind, body and spirit is a lifetime process. Physical strength, mental toughness, emotional control, intuitional insight and warrior spirit are all perishable skills. If you don’t constantly challenge yourself, push yourself to new limits, and test your “grit” daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, then you can backslide and get weak. It is important for you to stay in the arena of hard work and adventure. By setting challenging goals for yourself and working to knock them down, you will continue to grow your unbeatable mind, body and warrior spirit. Please don’t let your guard down.

Dare to be uncommon. Dare to be someone special. Dare to be Unbeatable!

Hooyah! Train hard, stay present and have fun. –Mark Divine

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