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Unbeatable Mind Foundations

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  1. Lesson 1 - Win in Your Mind
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  2. Lesson 2 - Feed the Courage Wolf
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  3. Lesson 3 - Five Mountains and Self Mastery in Service
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  4. Lesson 4 - Five Plateaus
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  5. Lesson 5 – Physical Mountain
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  6. Lesson 6 – Mental Mountain
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  7. Lesson 7 – Emotional Mountain
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  8. Lesson 8 – Intuitive Mountain
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  9. Lesson 9 – Kokoro Mountain
    11 Modules
  10. Lesson 10 – Leading the Self
    8 Modules
  11. Lesson 11 - Unbeatable Teams
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  12. Lesson 12 – The Way of Mastery
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Effortless Perfection

Apr 2018
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An outcome of our Unbeatable Mind training is more presence and flow in life.  We want to get to a place where our potential is so big, and we can tap peak performance, and connect deeply while serving in complete alignment with our calling and uniqueness.  This sounds like utopia, but it is a realistic expectation as you journey this path.

The Japanese warriors had a concept called “Shibumi.” It means “effortless perfection.”  You can imagine a Zen master drawing his sword with shibumi.  Shibumi can happen once in a lifetime with spontaneity, especially in a moment of intense need or crisis.  But it is more often found as the result of many years of training and practice.  What we are doing with Unbeatable Mind is mastering not just an external skill, but the whole mind, which will accelerate our development, and bring on shibumi much quicker than the forty years it took the Zen master.

Self-Mastery of the five mountains leads to the integration of body, mind, and spirit.  Our witness overrides limiting ego structures that used to serve as a concept of self.  We will begin to experience much more presence, whether sitting in silence or in the arena of action.

Remember, the joy lies in the journey and not the destination.  The signs to look for indicating your path is working include things like:

Signs of Shibumi Approaching

  • Increasing moments of peace
  • Expanding field of awareness
  • Being able to perceive truth better.  Able to immediately see and ignore the nonsense.
  • Feeling more love toward all beings
  • A sense of urgency to align with your Calling / Purpose / Dharma
  • A desire to be a steward of the Earth
  • You can accomplish any worthy task with ease
  • You can use your intuition’s heart and gut feelings, to help make wise decisions
  • You find more beauty and grace everywhere, even in mundane and challenging situations
  • You experiencing selflessness, and truly enjoy serving your teammates and humanity

The five mountains require constant attention.  Growth is perishable.  You must constantly challenge yourself, push yourself to new limits, and test your grit daily, weekly, monthly and annually.  If you stop, you will backslide into weakness.  You must stay in the fight, and look at your growth as a life of adventure.  Set challenging goals and enjoy knocking them down.  Be relentless and as unmovable as a mountain.

Be Unflappable

Remain calm and unflappable while under the pressure you will inevitably face in this VUCA world.  Take control of shitty situations and lead the team to the other side.  You have a responsibility now to be the sheepdog, and not sit on the sidelines.

Now that you are at the end of the foundation course, if I could offer you one piece of advice it would be to go back to the beginning and start over.  First master control of your breath and emotions to unlock the deepest secrets of your Unbeatable Mind.  Through deep, controlled and rhythmic breathing, we are able to slow the brain’s conscious activity, develop a relaxed and alert mental state, regulate the heart rate and dive into the deeply concentrated states leading to transformation.  The work of the breath is never over… It is your “go-to” practice.  The second go-to practice is your courage wolf mantra.  Learn to do both of these throughout the day and they will serve you well.

You Need a High Tolerance for Shit

Now is the time to prove that “embrace the suck” attitude.  Suffer growth pain quietly with determination.  Notice injustices, but be quiet unless you are willing to do something about them.  The last thing the world needs is more people complaining about how messed up things are.  Do something, or be quiet and continue your work of Unbeatable Mind.  There is always some drama, some injustice, and something or someone to steal our attention and emotional energy.  As a warrior-leader, choose your battles wisely.  Conserve your energy and life force for the battles that are in alignment with your stand.  Then, when the time is right, stand your ground and take forceful action.

Nobody wants to participate in your pity party.  Pain is weakness leaving the body.  Embrace it as a necessary aspect of developing self-mastery.

Practice Humility and Be Wary of Expectations

Seek humility as your successes pile up.  Give credit to your higher power and to others.  You don’t need the credit AND the success, do you?  Don’t be greedy.  That is your ego grasping.  Connect with, then act from your witness… and remain there.

Accept that you cannot control anything besides your mind, emotions, and attention.  The rest is co-created or random.  This means that we should be wary of expecting things to be a certain way, especially when other people are involved.  Remember, expectations suck the joy out of life!  Humble acceptance requires that we accept that most things in the world are out of our control.  That doesn’t mean we don’t give everything our full effort… we do so, but remain unattached to the outcomes.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we ALWAYS learn and grow.  In doing so we become more whole.  Live life to your fullest potential, connecting deeply and performing brilliantly in your service.  No regrets, ok?

Dare to be uncommon… to be someone special.  Be Unbeatable!

Hooyah –Mark Divine

Next on Your Training Path

You probably know the scope of our services by now, but let me briefly discuss what I think should be considered in your training plan going forward.

  1. Advanced Training and the Unbeatable Mind Black Belt.  This is a three-year program that includes completing the foundation course (this one), the Advanced Training course (24 months), and all of the themed Unbeatable Mind Experiences (relating to Potential, Performance, Connection, and Service).
  2. One on One Coaching.  Many find it extremely valuable to engage with an Unbeatable Mind coach to accelerate their growth and to hold them accountable.
  3. Inner Circle, Accelerated Group Coaching and Executive Coaching.  These are the “All In” programs.  The Inner Circle works directly with me for a year or longer.  The Accelerated Group Coaching is similar but working directly as a group with a certified coach.  And Executive Coaching is for senior execs looking to tap their Unbeatable Mind across all five mountains with accelerated development.
  4. Become a certified Unbeatable Mind coach yourself.  Our Life Coach and Executive Coach / Corporate Trainer certifications have some pre-requisites, but you have just completed one of them… congrats!
  5. The Unbeatable Mind Experience.  Three day deep dive on the UM principles and practices led by myself and my top coaches.
  6. Check the web site to get the latest details and dates for these options, and others.  Watch the emails that come from the team as well… we will endeavor to keep you apprised of all opportunities as they become available.

I look forward to seeing you in training!