The 5 Plateaus + 3 Spheres

Lesson four introduces the Integral Warrior model. We take a philosophical journey into the “All Quadrant, All Level, All Lines, All States” model first introduced to the world by American philosopher Ken Wilber. I noted that when I stumbled upon Wilber’s work I was pleased to see how it lined up nicely with the warrior ethos and our Five Mountain philosophy. The “Integral Warrior” model is our adaptation that uses the five mountains as the developmental lines in the “I” quadrant. You examined the 3 spheres of I, We, and It/Its. In lesson four my goal is to engage you in the notion that you operate simultaneously as a “Body, Mind and Spirit” in the spheres of “Self, Team Culture, and an Organizational Structure.” We come back to this framework time and again during the follow-on lessons to make distinctions and deepen our insights into human behavior.

Course Discussion