Unbeatable Mind – Unbeatable Life

Wow – what a journey it has been! I bet you are feeling pretty good right now. I am excited that you had the discipline and determination to stick with Unbeatable Mind – it would have been easy to quit or just fade away. According to our records over 90% of you who started this program have made it to lesson 12. That is an amazing number when you consider how busy and distracted things can be these days. This tells me that the program works and is making a difference. This month you will become a Foundations Course graduate and forever part of the Unbeatable Mind team. Together we will make a huge impact in the world!

Lesson 12 is a summary and look at how we can integrate Unbeatable Mind principles in our daily lives. Ultimately our goal is what I call Shibumi, which means “effortless perfection.” But before we get into the meat and potatoes of the lesson, I would like to look back at the road we have travelled together. Then at the end of the lesson we will take a peek at the road ahead – the Mastery Course – where I hope we will continue our training together.

I designed the Foundations Course as a comprehensive overview of the philosophy and training that I provide in person during our SEALFIT Academy. Recognizing that the content and practices of the “inner training” would be valuable to those who could not or were not ready to attend a SEALFIT Academy, I conceived the notion of packaging the content and distributing it online. I called it the Unbeatable Mind Academy instead of SEALFIT Online Academy because I did not want folks to mistake it for a fitness-training program. The first group to trial this program were SEALFIT followers who were eager to plunge into the training and already had an idea of what was coming based on their exposure to SEALFIT. As word spread we soon had folks from many walks of life – stay-at-home moms, execs, entrepreneurs, first responders, health care professionals, small business owners, military members, athletes of all types and even teens. The principles of Unbeatable Mind have helped hundreds of Special Ops candidates, many trainers and CrossFit box owners. They have helped the U.S. Women’s cycling team win a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics. I have heard from many participants about their personal breakthroughs in all areas of life and it is truly humbling and rewarding to be part of such a great group working on self-mastery and service daily.

Course Discussion