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Unbeatable Mind Foundations

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  1. Lesson 1 - Win in Your Mind
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  2. Lesson 2 - Feed the Courage Wolf
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  3. Lesson 3 - Five Mountains and Self Mastery in Service
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  4. Lesson 4 - Five Plateaus
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  5. Lesson 5 – Physical Mountain
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  6. Lesson 6 – Mental Mountain
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  7. Lesson 7 – Emotional Mountain
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  8. Lesson 8 – Intuitive Mountain
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  9. Lesson 9 – Kokoro Mountain
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  10. Lesson 10 – Leading the Self
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  11. Lesson 11 - Unbeatable Teams
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  12. Lesson 12 – The Way of Mastery
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Journey of a Thousand Miles

Apr 2018
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If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  You have taken the first step, and many many more on this 12 lesson, or 12-month journey.  And wow, what a journey it is… the path to becoming an integrated world-centric, fifth plateau leader is life-long.

Thank you for forging the discipline, drive, and determination to stay the course.  It would have been much easier to just fade away, or move on to the next shiny self-development offer.  There is not a single individual I know who has not been transformed when they have committed to this entire twelve-month program AND done the work.  So you owe yourself a pat on the back for your work, though you are just getting warmed up.

In this final lesson, I would like to briefly review the Foundation Course, look at how to integrate Unbeatable Mind into your life with your five mountain training, and have you consider your future training.

Lesson One:  Win in the Mind

In lesson one, we established the First Premise to win in the mind before stepping into battle.  The most important work is to develop the conditions for the future win, before launching your mission, project or goal.  The main themes in the first lesson are:

I started with the promise that if you don’t develop mental control, then the stories you have been fed, and your epigenetic inheritances will control you.  When you realize that the only thing you can control is your mind and that until you actively do so, it is out of your control.  You learned about the brain zoo, and how you must become your own zookeeper to reign in the reptilian, mammalian and monkey minds.

Next, you learned that you can think about your thinking by connecting to your witness and seating your thinking mind in that seat.  I introduced the Unbeatable Mind process and tools for the broad set of skills we call meditation… to include breath control, concentration, witnessing, visualization, insight meditation, and journaling.

Next, I introduced the critical Big Four skills for mental control and development:  Breath control, Positive attitude, Imagery and Micro Task orientation.  These skills, when trained extensively, allow you to eliminate stress and anxiety, activate flow on demand, see the win and stay radically focused on the right task at the right time, and for the right reasons.  Powerful practices those big four!  Then I led you through box breathing practice to start you on your path of mastering the breath, a critical skill.

Lesson one also introduced the very important process of beginning to define your 3Ps Ethos, One Mission and Stand in life.  Hopefully, you have done this work and are deeply content about your purpose, passion, principles, mission, and stand.  If not, you still have work to do.  And even if you have done that work, it is always evolving and refining.  These are to be reviewed daily in your morning ritual, which was the last topic covered in lesson one.

Lesson Two:  Feed the Courage Wolf

In lesson two we did a deep dive examination of courage and fear.  It would be difficult to develop mental control and an Unbeatable Mind if you are full of fear and negativity.  You learned about the fear loop, and how fear bias and fear-based stories create conditioned responses that just show up, with no conscious thought on our part.  We become slaves to these “fear loops.”  The good news is that we can override them by developing, then entraining new “courage loops.

The exercise ‘What wolf am I feeding?’ is used to interdict the fear loop and give you a fighting chance to replace it with courage.  The tool is a direct application of the witness process, with the inner dialogue representing the interdiction process.  A carefully chosen Power Statement can interdict negativity, while a positive, emotionally laden mantra will keep your mind focused and healthy.  That is how we starve fear by feeding courage.  We must focus on the opposite of what we want… if we want to eradicate fear, we don’t focus on fear, but courage.

Next, we discussed the Six Pillars for optimal health and performance.  These are introduced in lesson two because a balanced body and peak performance are crucial to developing mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  If you are out of whack then you get sick or injured, or simply don’t have the energy to focus on the work.  So we must get into balance with our fueling, movement, sleep, recovery, nature time, silence, and healthy relationships and environments.  This leads to greater resiliency.  We forge even greater resiliency by re-orienting toward risk, challenge, and discomfort.  Ultimately, we want to learn to fall down seven times and get up the eighth even stronger and more positive.

Lesson two also introduced the crucial Front Sight Focus planning tools so that as you develop the skills of winning in your mind and feeding courage, you will only focus on the right targets/goals aligned with your 3PS, Mission and ethos.  You can’t afford to waste time wandering down dark alleys you have no business being in.  You need to be laser-focused on your mission, which is uniquely suited for you and your calling in life.  Tools such as FITS target selection, PROP hasty planning, SMEAC mission plan and SMARTP goal setting were introduced.  We ended the lesson with the evening ritual, which you now use to recapitulate and learn from your day.

One Day, One Life!

We will continue the lesson review in the next few topics.