Universal Principle Alignment

Universal Principle Alignment

“Will do today what others won’t, will do tomorrow what others can’t.” — Smoke Jumper Creed

Kokoro is the most difficult of the five mountains to isolate and train. We can- not easily separate the training of the mind, body and spirit into nice little chunks and say, “I am now working the body and tomorrow I’ll work the spirit.” My experience is that Kokoro must be trained slowly and methodically over time. A crucible experience can greatly accelerate this process. Although difficult to carve out spirit and train it separately, we can begin to “sharpen our sword” of self-mastery with a daily commitment to the practicing of the first four mountains of physical, mental, emotional and intuitional development. Through this training our Fifth Mountain will be strengthened as well.


“Do or do not, there is no try” –Yoda

How can we do today what others won’t, so we can do tomorrow what others can’t? Let’s start by challenging ourselves today to be 1% better than yesterday. We don’t leave this to chance. We have got to have a plan and that plan must be simple, effective and executed daily. Clearly we need to habituate discipline in order to execute our plan daily, or we will veer off the path. Most people gyrate between starting a new training program, training for a few months, then losing interest and stopping entirely. Then they start something new when they get disgusted enough to get off dead center again. 

This yo-yo approach leads nowhere because one is always returning to the starting point. It is a cycle of frustration and failure. I recommend we choose a tried and true method, then start it and stick with it. Easy day right? We must implement a plan that gets us on the bus and keeps us there until we reach our destination. This plan should drive incremental improvement daily in the five key human capacities – the five mountains.

As we embark on a five mountain approach to our training our sense of self expands. We develop broader perspective and break away from narrow minded behavior and closed system thinking. Perspective itself results from the unfolding of our consciousness as we break through barriers and see the world through fresh eyes. Most people never embark on this journey in earnest, preferring to stay in the safe confines of their mental and emotional box. Those seeking an Unbeatable Mind, however, embrace change and seek to accelerate it, finding thrill in the journey of their ever expanding potential.

After a year or more of training we find we have unlocked our potential and are now on a path of self-discovery to fully explore it. We seek travel, challenges, interaction with new people and ideas, and are not afraid to try new things. Thus begins the upward spiral that occurs when we sharpen our sword every day.

Developing perspective also allows us to more intimately understand our inner nature, thus the nature of others. This study of human nature happens through experience, contemplation, heightened awareness and study. Understanding human nature allows us to lead authentically and have compassion for our own weaknesses as well as those of others. We become better people and connect more deeply.

On this journey we learn to accept everyone and every moment as our teacher. We humble ourselves to the reality that we really don’t know “shit” as we become lifelong learners. The moment we start to believe in our own importance, intelligence or infallibility, we get smacked down. Those who do not learn this lesson will learn it in a glorious and painful manner later on.

The founder of Anusara Yoga was revered by his nearly half a million followers. Yet he was not training on a five mountain path, and had some chinks in his armor. He allowed his ego to get out of balance, which means he was not doing the inner work and challenging “tapas” that we are speaking of here in Unbeatable Mind. He started to believe that he was better and different and that the usual rules don’t apply to him. Sounds familiar right? We have seen many glorious falls over the years – preacher, scholar, politician, businessman, military or fitness leader. No one is immune from the disease of an inflated ego. By aligning universal principles and infusing our ego with spirit, we will avoid this threat. Any structure, including the human mind, not built on a solid foundation will ultimately fall down. The Anusara founder took a glorious fall in 2012 as the result of having extramarital relations with many of his instructors. One YouTube video and it came crashing down. Staying on the path and sharpening the sword daily will prevent such disaster.

The most basic sharpening the sword technique is our disciplined physical training. By following a weekly training plan and sticking to it, our confidence grows. We are more courageous in our actions. Functional physical has a positive spillover effect on our psychology. We can do more useful things in life. Learning to pick up heavy objects and move with them safely makes us feel good and useful. This is not just a skill of those who work with their hands. Unfortunately most professions in the west have been stripped of the need for any sort of physical labor. We take this as a sign of societal progress…but is it? It appears to me that as our society has progressed, the human experience of health, happiness, peace and fulfillment has regressed. That can’t continue on forever. Humans need their bodies to operate at peak capacity. It affects everything else in our lives. When we are physically strong, we are “healthy” inside, we are mentally alert and more connected spiritually. In essence we are happier people and more useful to others. We are productive and don’t expect to be taken care of. We contribute more than we take. We serve and love. Everyone seeks this at some level, but most are held down by a system that encourages and rewards mediocrity. Disciplined physical training can set us free from this downward spiral. We don’t need to be an elite athlete or Navy SEAL. We just need the right attitude and to sharpen our sword daily. We must train for life. Unbeatable Mind physical training is about self-expression, growth and optimal health and not looking good in your boxer shorts or bikini. The physical training is a bridge to spirit!

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